Springdale: The Best of Both Worlds

It's rare in Southern Utah to find fine wilderness opportunities in such close proximity to civilized things like restaurants and gas stations. But here in Springdale, you CAN have the best of both worlds - thus making trips to Zion among the most civilized of wilderness canyon adventures in the U.S. of A.! Browse the services and amenities below to find the best way to meet your in-town needs.

Traveling from out of town or want to know how to get around once you're in town? Check out our guides, below:

Camping In Springdale, Utah

There are two types of camping available in the Zion area. "Civilized" camping brings organization, convenient location, and some degree of amenities, in exchange for a (typically) reasonable fee. Alternatively, "free" camping offers zero amenities, crowding and unsanitary conditions in the more popular areas, and risk of plunder if you leave anything set up while away. Frugal travelers may be interested in free camping, but know that the free-camping scene near Zion has pretty much dried up in the last couple of years, due to overuse. Mosquito Cove along Highway 9  is closed, and other spots are usually full or yucky, or both. Sorry, but, looks like paying for camping is the norm from here on out. BLM camping does exist on Gooseberry Mesa, south of Zion, but is a hefty drive from town on high clearance roads.

Click on the images below to find out more about various camping locations throughout the area.


Food in Springdale

Cafes and coffee shops

Need a morning brew to help you perk up for the big descent? Any of these local cafes will help you wake up right. All have wi-fi access, good coffee, bakery items, and sandwiches to take with you on your day's adventure. Unfortunately, none of them are open before 6:30 a.m., so you're out of luck for those 4 a.m. alpine starts.

SEASONAL NOTE: If visiting November-mid-March, we suggest giving cafes and restaurants a call to check their off season hours. 



Springdale currently has one grocery store, the downtown SOL FOODS MARKET.

95 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale
(435) 772-0277

Hardware and General Store items available as well.

While Sol Foods is convenient, it is certainly more expensive than the grocery options "down the hill" in Hurricane, St. George, or Cedar City. If you have the foresight, you may find it easier and/or less expensive to purchase groceries on your way to Springdale. We like Lin's in Hurricane.


Restaurants in Springdale

Springdale boasts a surprising variety and quality of restaurants for its small size. For a complete listing of of Springdale dining establishments, see the Zion Visitors Bureau. For our picks, look no further...

SEASONAL NOTE: If visiting November-mid-March, we suggest giving restaurants a call to check their off season hours.


Gear up in Springdale

Gear shops for everything from climbing to camping to canyoneering

Zion certainly draws the adventurous crowd, and Springdale has plenty of shops to support anyone's desert ramblings. Below are some of our favorites; click on the photos below to explore them all. Note that we've categorized each shop by its specialty, in the second line of the caption.