So, you think you need professional help? You're in luck. Whether seeking an amazing day with your family or training to improve your technical skills, professional canyoneering guides here in Utah and elsewhere in the US and the world are available to provide exactly what you are looking for.

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Why hire a guide?

If you're looking for a way to improve your own canyoneering skills, or looking to decrease your stress as a trip leader, hiring a high quality professional guide is a great option.

Guided Canyoneering

There are many good reasons to hire a guide. For example:

  • Want to go descend some quality canyons, but not deal with all the stressful life-or-death safety stuff?

  • Want to get a taste of the sport to see if it is for you?

  • Want to make the most of your valuable vacation time?

  • Taking the family or a cadre of incompetent friends on a trip, and you want them all to come back happy?

Hire a guide. These folks really know what they are doing, and can take you to some really cool places, and generally provide all the gear. Most guided canyoneering comes in half-day or full-day flavors, with a few multi-day adventures available out there. 

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Canyon Training

How do you improve your canyoneering skills? Taking a training course is a good start. Canyoneering with a variety of people is good too. Taking a training class will do both for you: direct training on specific skills is the obvious benefit, but you can also hook up with your classmates for future adventures.


Who to call?

There are many good guide services and instructors out there. Tom and Nick are partial to Zion Adventure Company and Zion Guru, as their guiding philosophies resonate strongly with our own ideals. But we've never gone out with other guide services, so what do we know? Here's the list:

Canyoneering Guide Services
Zion Adventure Company Springdale, Utah (435) 772-1001
Desert Highlights Moab, Utah (800) 747-1342
Escalante Excursions Escalante, Utah (800) 839-7567
IBO Adventure Center Monterrey, Mexico
Moab Cliffs and Canyons Moab, Utah (435) 259-3317
North Wash Outfitters Blanding, Utah (435) 678-3255
Red Desert Adventure Hurricane, Utah (435) 668-2888
Zion Guru Springdale, Utah (435) 632-0432
Zion Mountain School Springdale, Utah (435) 319-0313
Zion Rock and Mountain Guides Springdale, Utah (435) 772-3303
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