CUSA Press is the toddler publishing arm of Canyoneering USA. This section links to updates and discussion of our published book, Zion: Canyoneering, and considerable information on books "under development"... which often means "a gleam in Tom's eye." Your comments and questions are welcome. Books can be purchased at the Canyoneering USA Store.


Zion: Canyoneering

2nd Edition coming soon! The first guide dedicated to technical canyoneering routes in Zion National Park. While the meat of this book describes Zion's choice canyon routes, I also include information the Park's most popular frontcountry and off-trail hikes, as well as background on the human and natural history of the greater Zion area to enrich your visit.



Knots & Rigging for Canyoneering

Coming soon! Ever been confused about whether to use a 5:1 haul rig with a Prussik versus a 4:1 system with a Tibloc? For canyoneers looking to push their foundational skills forward, technical knot and rigging knowledge can be intimidating. Knots & Rigging for Canyoneers breaks down the most useful knots and most common rigging scenarios, helping you understand both HOW to accomplish these set ups and WHEN they are useful.



Canyoneering 101 - Book by Tom Jones

Canyoneering 101

Coming soon! As the title implies, this instructive, illustrated guide helps the aspiring canyoneer establish sound fundamental skills for their first canyoneering adventures and beyond. From core knots, to basic anchor building, to simple rappelling physics, Canyoneering 101 provides a foundation from which you can join a canyoneering group feeling informed and ready to ask good questions.



Wildflowers of Zion National Park

Coming in Spring 2020! Zion is BIG, and flowers are small. While it's easy to bump into a few flowers in Zion by chance, this phenological guide to Zion's flora helps the avid botanist find particular flowers by detailing the season, elevation, habitat, and location where you'll most likely find a particular bloom. Covering the entirety of Zion National Park, from roadside to deep backcountry, this guide may motivate even the most sedentary botanist to get out into the wild. 

Wildflowers of Zion - Book by Tom Jones

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