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Zion's off-trail hikes can range in intensity from strolls to scrambles.

Off the Beaten Path.

Zion and the surrounding area hosts a tremendous number of scenic off-trail hiking routes. While "off-trail" hikes sometimes do have discernible trails, the routes are not maintained, marked trails, and usually involve some route finding. As is common in slickrock country, routes across slickrock are commonly marked with only the occasional rock cairn; these cairns can tumble, or be knocked down by other hikers. On occasion, a big storm or a heavy winter can render an off-trail route indiscernible, making it quite difficult for inexperienced hikers to navigate. While the degree of difficultly may go up a notch here, these adventures can be exciting and scenic, and offer a break from the crowds on more traveled hikes.

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Main Canyon

Hike Name Length (mi/km) Quality Elevation Gain(ft/m) Time Permit
LADY MOUNTAIN 4mi/2.5km ★★★★★ 2650ft (800m) 6-10 hrs No
NARROWS - BOTTOM UP 4-10mi/6-12km ★★★★★ 200ft (60m) 4-9 hrs No
LOWER PINE CREEK 1mi/~2km ★★★★☆ 30ft / 50m 1-2 hrs No


Kolob Terrace Hikes

Hike Name Length (mi/km) Quality Elevation Gain(ft/m) Time Permit
RIGHT FORK - BOTTOM-UP 10.6mi/17km ★★★★☆ 1000ft (300m) 8-12 hrs (or overnight) Only if overnighting
SUBWAY - BOTTOM-UP 4-7mi/10.6km ★★★★★ 1000ft (300m) 6-10 hrs YES


East Side Hikes

Hike Name Length (mi/km) Quality Elevation Gain(ft/m) Time Permit
THE BARRACKS ~40mi/64km ★★★★☆ Minimal until the Exit of 2500ft (~750m) 2-3 Days No, but leave a note on your car.
CLEAR CREEK max 6mi/9.6km ★★★★☆ Minimal 30mins-4 hrs No
CRAWFORD ARCH Depends on Route
min 7mi/11.2km
★★★★☆ ~1500ft/450m 10-12hrs None for hike. Permit for canyons
NARROWS TOP-DOWN 16mi /25.7km ★★★★★ ~200ft/~60m 10-14 hrs YES
NARROWS OVERNIGHT 16mi /25.7km ★★★★★ ~200ft/~60m Overnight YES