Whether you're seraching for canyoneering partners, planning a New Zealand canyon expedition, or looking to do some armchair canyoneering on a rainy day, you might like some assistance. Here are a bunch of links that Tom regularly finds useful. Suggestions for additional links are always welcome, but very selectively adopted.

Amy rappelling in a Utah slot canyon.

Canyon Beta

  • CUSA MAPS & DOWNLOADS CENTER - A plethora of Utah canyoneering maps for your downloading pleasure.

  • MINI-SLOT GUIDE - Dave Pimental's collection of "minislot" adventures, easy half-day excursions to central and southern Utah slot canyons.

  • ROAD TRIP RYAN - Ryan Cornia's site offers trip reports, stories, and beta on canyoneering, climbing, and hiking in Utah and further afield.

  • TODD MARTIN'S GUIDE - Todd offers tremendous information on hikes and canyoneering adventures in Arizona and more. Probably the best internt resource for Arizona desert adventures.

  • CHRIS BRENNAN'S GUIDE - The definitive guide to canyoneering in the San Gabriel Mountains north of Los Angeles.

  • SHANE'S CLIMB UTAH - An oldie but a goodie. Shane concentrates on hikes and canyons in Utah. Becoming "friends" with Shane gets you more info.

  • TANYA & BO'S ZION GUIDE - An exhaustive Zion directory published by the spirited Tanya Milligan and her adventure partner, Bo Beck.

  • CANYONEERING NORTHWEST - The best resource for canyoneering beta in the Pacific Northwest. Careful, it's wet up there!