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A Utah Canyoneering Resource for All Canyoneers

Welcome to Tom's Utah Canyoneering Guide

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We go down canyons. And find out what is there. And have fabulous adventures.

We use ropes, often. Our hands and feet, quite a bit. Our shoulders, elbows, hips, thighs, calves, backsides - also quite a bit. Our cleverness, our wit, our fortitude, our sense of humor, our pluck, our desperation, our relationships with one another, our love of adventure - all these at times, we use, on these adventures of the spirit.

Wandering around in the desert is a fun game. The rewards when winning are ample, the cost of losing is steep. Like all games, it has rules, both those imposed by the environment and those imposed by us all so we can just get along.  

Tom's Utah Canyoneering Guide exists to help you stay out of trouble and enjoy canyoneering in Utah and beyond.

Warning. Some of the activities on this site are dangerous.

Some of the activities described in Tom's Utah Canyoneering Guide are dangerous.

The information provided in this guide is accurate to the best of my knowledge, and based on my personal experience. It is no substitute for skill, common sense and good judgement acquired through your own experience.

Conditions in the canyons change on a daily basis, and you may find any route to be substantially more difficult than stated. You may get lost. You may fall off something or get flash-flooded. You may pull out anchors that look very solid. Please prepare carefully for all your outdoor adventures, and use caution and judgement at all times.

We hope you understand that adventure requires some risk. Let's hope your adventures are not TOO adventurous.

“It’s not really an adventure until something goes wrong.” 
— Yvon Chouinard

Canyoneering Regions of Utah

There are canyons all over the Colorado Plateau. Each area has its own unique flavor. Here are the main regions to know about: